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Van Slippers - BTS ARMY

Van Slippers - BTS ARMY

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Van Slippers - ARMY Edition

Wrap yourself in the warmth of fandom with the Van Slippers, dedicated to the heart and soul of the BTS ARMY. These slippers are not just a fashion accessory; they are a symbol of unity and love. Crafted from soft polyester premium suede fabric, they offer a design that represents the collective spirit of the ARMY. The interior lining, a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, ensures a cozy and comfortable experience. The black anti-slip rubber soles provide protection, allowing you to walk with pride, knowing you carry the love of the ARMY with every step.

An extraordinary gift for ARMY members and BTS fans, the Van Slippers celebrate the strong bond that connects the fandom. Available in sizes for both kids and adults, these slippers are a perfect expression of love and support for the global BTS community.

  • Soft polyester premium suede fabric for slippers
  • Interior lining made from 80% cotton 20% polyester for warmth
  • Black anti-slip rubber soles for protection and comfortable
  • 3 Sizes for a family style or convenient to carry outside

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