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SKZOO WolfChan - Bangchan Slippers

SKZOO WolfChan - Bangchan Slippers

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Embark on a journey of comfort and style with the WolfChan - Bangchan Slippers! 🐺👟 Tailored for fans of Stray Kids and, of course, the incredible Bangchan, these slippers make for an exceptional gift that seamlessly blends fandom pride with premium comfort.

Wrapped in a soft polyester premium suede fabric, these slippers not only provide a lavish feel but also feature the exclusive WolfChan design, paying homage to Stray Kids' charismatic leader. The interior lining, a delightful combination of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, ensures warmth and coziness, making these slippers a perfect companion for both relaxation and fan celebrations.

Fitted with sleek black anti-slip rubber soles, these slippers offer protection and a secure grip, allowing you to traverse various surfaces with ease. With three sizes available for both adults and kids, finding the perfect fit is as simple as embracing your Stray Kids fandom.

Treat yourself or surprise a fellow Stray Kids enthusiast with the WolfChan - Bangchan Slippers – where comfort meets admiration! 🎁🎤 #StrayKids #WolfChan #Bangchan

  • Soft polyester premium suede fabric for slippers
  • Interior lining made from 80% cotton 20% polyester for warmth
  • Black anti-slip rubber soles for protection and comfortable
  • 3 Sizes for a family style or convenient to carry outside

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