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SKZOO DWAEKKI Low Top Sneakers: Stray Kids Changbin Shoes

SKZOO DWAEKKI Low Top Sneakers: Stray Kids Changbin Shoes

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Our sneakers are crafted uniquely for each order. Ensure the perfect fit by referring to our size table before purchasing. Customized items have limited return options, so double-check your size to guarantee satisfaction.

Get ready to stomp around in the wildest kicks on the block – the SKZOO Low Top Sneakers featuring the bold Dwaekki - Changbin! These sneakers are way more than just footwear; they're a tribute to the creativity and unique charm of Stray Kids' Changbin. Drawing inspiration from a hilarious moment on a variety show where Changbin crafted a clay statue that was part pig, part bunny, these sneakers embody the spirit of fun and originality.

With a name as catchy as "Dwaekki" – a mashup of the Korean words for pig ("dwaeji") and rabbit ("tokki") – these sneakers are all about embracing your unique side and rocking it with confidence. The durable rubber soles are built to keep you marching to the beat of your own drum, no matter where you go. The PU upper material keeps things sleek and stylish, while the EVA padded insoles ensure your feet stay comfy through any escapade.

These white low top unisex sneakers are the perfect addition to any outfit, adding a splash of Stray Kids' flair and a whole lot of personality. Whether you're hitting up a concert, hanging with friends, or just out causing a little mischief, these Dwaekki - Changbin sneakers are your go-to for making a statement.

So, why blend in when you were born to stand out? Slip into a pair of Dwaekki - Changbin sneakers and let the world see your true colors. With a mix of comfort, style, and a nod to Changbin's creative genius, these sneakers are here to show that it's cool to be different. Get ready to leave a trail of smiles and style wherever you go!


Notice:The size of this shoe is relatively large. We'd suggest the customer order half or one size down compared to the size they normally wear.

• Wear-resistant rubber soles for white low top unisex shoes

• PU upper material with EVA padded insoles

• Completed with eyelets and lace up closure for a classic look

• Perfect for every season, suitable for both men and women

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