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Shooky Slippers - BTS SUGA

Shooky Slippers - BTS SUGA

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Shooky Slippers - SUGA Edition:

Unleash your bold and rebellious side with the Shooky Slippers, capturing the essence of SUGA's fearless persona. These slippers are not just footwear; they are an expression of individuality and strength. Crafted from soft polyester premium suede fabric, they offer a daring yet comfortable look. The interior lining, a perfect blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, wraps your feet in warmth, mirroring the fire within SUGA's artistry. The black anti-slip rubber soles provide protection and stability, ensuring each step is as bold as SUGA's lyrics.

An ideal gift for fans of SUGA and BTS, these Shooky Slippers redefine casual wear. Available in sizes for both kids and adults, they're perfect for making a bold statement and embracing the rebel within.

  • Soft polyester premium suede fabric for slippers
  • Interior lining made from 80% cotton 20% polyester for warmth
  • Black anti-slip rubber soles for protection and comfortable
  • 3 Sizes for a family style or convenient to carry outside

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