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Personalized Night Light with Fairy Prinses - Custom Name Light - Personalized Gift for Kids

Personalized Night Light with Fairy Prinses - Custom Name Light - Personalized Gift for Kids

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This unique and personalized night lamp is a perfect gift for a child's bedroom, offering a combination of style, comfort, and personal touch. With its customizable features and high-quality materials, it's designed to provide a gentle and soothing light in a variety of colors and modes.


Product Features:

“White Base Warm Light” Option: This setting offers a cozy warm light, perfect for creating a calming atmosphere in the room. It is powered exclusively by USB, with a simple design that does not include a switch or remote control.

“White Base 3 Colors” Option: This variant can emit white, warm, and neutral lights, catering to different moods and preferences. It is USB-powered with an inline switch on the power cord. The switch allows for easy on/off control and also enables light color adjustment. This option does not come with a remote control.

“Black Base 7 Colors” and “Crack Base 7 Colors” Lights: Both options offer a range of white and colored lights. The black base does not transmit light, while the crack base features a white translucent crack design that can illuminate. Both can be powered by USB or dry batteries and include a touch switch on the lamp holder. There's no remote control with these options.

“Black Base 16 Colors” and “Crack Base 16 Colors” Lights: These advanced models provide an array of both white and multiple colored lights. Like the 7-color versions, the black base does not emit light, whereas the crack base with its white translucent design does. They can be powered via USB or dry batteries and come with a touch switch on the lamp holder. Additionally, they are equipped with a remote control for convenient adjustments.

High-Quality Acrylic Material: Our acrylic lamp brand uses raw materials supplied by Asia's finest acrylic manufacturers. The light transmittance can reach 93%, ensuring the pattern appears more three-dimensional and brighter.

Wide Range of Styles: We offer an extensive collection of styles. If you don't find the desired item in this link, you're welcome to search in our store or contact us for more options.

Advantages: The lamp features a larger acrylic plate and lamp holder than 90% of other 3D lamps. It boasts a high-quality circuit board, optimized details, and a 3D pattern design. The LED light is soft and uniform, causing no glare or flickering. It offers adjustable light settings and is harmless to children's eyes, making it a safe and attractive addition to any child's room.

This personalized night lamp is not just a source of light; it's a unique piece of decor that adds a personal touch to your child's space, making it a thoughtful and delightful gift for any occasion.



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