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High Quality Non-Slip Yoga Mat - SD-style-shop

High Quality Non-Slip Yoga Mat

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Yoga mat

When performing Yoga excercises a good mat is necessary.  Not every mat is suitable for Yoga,  the differences between yoga mats and exercise mats are the thickness and firmness of the material. Exercise mats are thicker than yoga mats and can be either relatively firm (when working with weights)or relatively soft(when used for  bodyweight exercises). Yoga mats, tend to be thinner and medium firm. Yoga mats need to provide some cushion, but they have to be thin enough to allow to properly feel the stable and grounded when performing their poses. A Yoga mat has 2 non-slip sides  (as an excercise mat has only one) to feel stable and get a good grip. This grip helps preventing slipping and lets you focus on a good balance

Although they are thinly cushioned, yoga mats provide just the right amount of cushion needed and the thinness of the yoga mat also makes it lightweight to carry easily around.

Thickness: 6 mm

Length: 183cm*61cm

Feature:  With Position Lines

Available in 6 colors

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