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BTS Final Ring in Box + free 7 cards - SD-style-shop

BTS Final Ring in Box + free 7 cards

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This BTS Final ring is a musthave piece of jewelry for every Army. You can wear it two ways, as a BTS logo or as the ARMY logo. Also you can give away half to a friend as a fgift to a fellow BTS fan.

This ring first made its appearance at the BTS Speak Yourself: Final concert in Seoul, and symbolizes the union between BTS and ARMY. The rings have "BTS" and "ARMY" engraved inside and are meant to be worn together, just like BTS can never be without ARMY and vice-versa!

The rings come in an elegant BTS Box, along with a photocard set! This is the perfect complement to your BTS collection!

  • BTS x ARMY Ring (Box + 7 Cards)
  • Hypoallergenic stirling silver
  • Wear As BTS Logo Or ARMY Logo!
  • Share With Friends, Wear As Matching Set!
  • Won't Discolor, rust Or fade
  • Size: 19mm - 3.5 mm



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