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BT21 Shooky High Top Canvas Sneakers

BT21 Shooky High Top Canvas Sneakers

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BT21 SHOOKY High Top Canvas Sneakers - | BTS Merchandise

Our sneakers are crafted uniquely for each order. Ensure the perfect fit by referring to our size table before purchasing. Customized items have limited return options, so double-check your size to guarantee satisfaction.


Step into the world of BTS with these exclusive BT21 SHOOKY High Top Canvas Sneakers. Perfect for fans of Jungkook, V, JHope, RM, Jimin, Suga, and Jin, these sneakers are a must-have addition to your BTS collection.


Key Features:

·       BT21 Merchandise: These sneakers feature the adorable SHOOKY character, lovingly created by BTS member SUGA.

·       High-Quality: With wear-resistant rubber soles, these sneakers are designed for comfort and durability, ensuring they last as long as your viral videos.

·       Iconic Design: The cute heart pattern provides a versatile look, while the unique SHOOKY design adds a playful touch. These sneakers are perfect for showcasing your love for BTS in style.

·       Unisex Appeal: Designed for all genders, they come in a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every BTS fan.

·       Versatile Style: Whether you’re heading out with friends, attending a BTS concert, or just showing off your fandom, these sneakers are the perfect choice for any occasion.


Why Buy These Sneakers?

·       Connect with BTS: Feel closer to SUGA and the rest of the BTS members with these Chimmy-themed sneakers.

·       Unique Gift Idea: An ideal present for any ARMY member, especially those who adore Jimin's creativity.

·       Stand Out from the Crowd: With limited edition design, these sneakers are a standout addition to any BTS merchandise collection.


Care Instructions:

·       Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals.


Order Now: Limited stock available! Add these BT21 SHOOKY High Top Canvas Sneakers to your cart today and take a step closer to the BTS universe.


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