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BT21 double layer glasses

BT21 double layer glasses

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Sip your style with BT21 double layer glasses! A 300 ml double glass with a diameters of 6.5 cm and 8.7 cm, it's hight is 8.6 cm - that's greater than the eye can see!


Step into the whimsical world of BT21 with the latest must-have accessory: the BT21 Double Wand Glasses! Created in collaboration with the legendary K-pop sensation BTS, these glasses are not just eyewear, they're a statement of style, creativity, and pure fun!

Imagine slipping on these sleek frames and instantly feeling the magic of the BT21 universe wash over you. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, each pair of Double Wand Glasses embodies the unique essence of all your favorite BT21 characters.

Let's start with the mischievous RJ, whose charm radiates from the delicate frames. With these glasses, you'll feel as adorable and approachable as this lovable alpaca. Next up, we have Shooky, the sweet yet sassy cookie with a bite! His influence is unmistakable in the bold design of these glasses, perfect for those who dare to stand out.

Don't forget about the ever-energetic and enthusiastic Mang! The Double Wand Glasses capture Mang's vibrant spirit, infusing every moment with a burst of color and cheer. And who could overlook the thoughtful and introspective Koya? These glasses reflect Koya's wisdom, offering clarity and insight with every glance.

Of course, we can't overlook the fiery passion of Chimmy, whose zest for life is mirrored in the dynamic design of these glasses. Wear them proudly and embrace your adventurous side! And last but certainly not least, we have Tata, the cosmic dreamer whose boundless imagination knows no bounds. With these glasses, you'll embark on a journey to the stars and beyond.

But wait, there's more! These Double Wand Glasses aren't just stylish – they're also incredibly versatile. Whether you're heading to a BTS concert, a casual hangout with friends, or a cosplay event, these glasses will elevate your look to superstar status.

So join the BT21 craze and let your personality shine with the BT21 Double Wand Glasses! With BTS and the adorable BT21 characters by your side, every day is an adventure waiting to unfold.

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