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5Pcs Yoga Fitness Resistance bands - SD-style-shop

5Pcs Yoga Fitness Resistance bands

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5pcs set  Pink Resistance bands

Workout at home, with these 5 different resistance bands you can train at your own level. Very usefull for Yoga, Fitness or Pilates excercises


1, Premium Quality Latex: Our resistance loop bands are made of eco-friendly natural latex material. Durable and comfortable for long time use.

2,Comprehensive Performance: The band can coordinate with all kinds of figure and movement to reach the versatile effect, adding more fun to the workout.

3,Super Flexible: This band of strong elasticity provides long lasting resilience for your exercise.

4,Easy To Clean: The band can be washed with water or wiped by dry or wet cloth. Then it will get dry by air drying.

5,Fit For Yoga, Fitness &Pilates: This resistance band can help you get the body you’ve dreamt of with continuous exercise.


1,Color Optional: Light Pink, Pink, Rose Red, Light Purple, Purple

2,Tensile Strength: 5~10lb (Light Pink), 10~15lb (Pink), 15~20lb (Rose Red), 20~30lb (Light Purple), 30~40lb (Purple)

3,Size: 600*50*0.35mm (Light Pink), 600*50*0.5mm (Pink), 600*50*0.7mm (Rose Red), 600*50*0.9mm (Light Purple), 600*50*1.1mm (Purple)

4,Weight: 11g (Light Pink), 15g (Pink), 22g (Rose Red), 27g (Light Purple), 33g (Purple)

Package List:

5 * Resistance Band(Light Pink * 1, Pink * 1, Rose Red * 1, Light Purple * 1, Purple * 1)

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