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50PCS 3 Layers Disposable Mouth Mask - - SD-style-shop

50PCS 3 Layers Disposable Mouth Mask -

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50pcs Disposable Mouth Masks - protective masks

  • The surgical mouth masks are soft and comfy on the skin and the loops don't irritate your ears .Cover your face as an air purifier.
  • Anti Virus!  reduce breathing in multi viruses and bacteria. Cover your nose, mouth and face, you are filtering pathogens and allergens before air enters your body. 
  • Protect Yourself by reducing the risk of breathing pollen, smoke, dust, fumes, odors and other harmful particles by wearing a face mask


 Maximum 10 items per customer!


  • Covers Nose, Mouth And Chin For Full Protection
  • Looped Ears For Secure Hold
  • One Size to Fit All
  • Approximate Size: 17cm x 9cm
  • Colour: Pink, yellow, blue, white, mint green, black
  • Package Sizes:50PCS



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