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4PCS High Quality Latex Fitness Resistance Bands - SD-style-shop

4PCS High Quality Latex Fitness Resistance Bands

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Fitness resistance bands

Workout ar your home with these resistance bands. Do your Yoga, fitness of other excercises easily in your own living room. No gym needed.


1. There is an increase in the texture of the tension band, which can apply a non-slip effect.
2. The lap has good resilience, and it works well with the movements in yoga training to achieve better plasticity.
3. It is suitable for teenagers and women with relatively small strength. It can effectively stretch and exercise whole body muscles, stabilize posture and control deviation distance, effectively improve physical activity ability, and shape perfect body curve. Can increase the fun of exercise and change a single exercise style.
4. Cleaning and resistance: can be washed with water and wiped with a wet cloth.
5. Soft, strong resilience, wear resistance, good comprehensive performance.

Product Specifications:
Purple 600 * 50 * 0.5 mm pull value 10-15lb weight 16g
Pink 600 * 50 * 0.7 mm pull value 15-20lb weight 20g
Blue 600 * 50 * 0.9mm pull value 20-30lb weight 26g
Gray 600 * 50 * 1.1mm pull value 30-40lb weight 31g
Material: natural latex
Bag: 11 * 18.5cm
Color box: 17 * 9 * 1.8cm
Use scenario: fitness equipment, sports trends, fitness body

Product List:
1 pc yoga resistance band
3 pcs yoga resistance band (purple + pink + blue); instruction manual; color box; cloth bag


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